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Your Smart Tools

  • Smart pocket-sized device.
    Fit for anyone, everywhere, and on the go.

  • Highly accurate and fast measurements.
    Get results in less than 6 seconds.

  • Small drop of blood - only 0.3 μl required.

  • No cables, no batteries, no hassles.

  • Automatically records your blood glucose measurements and provides analysis of your condition.

  • Easily tracks key diabetes metrics, including carb counting, physical activity, and medication intake.

  • Share real-time information and personalized reports with caregivers and family members.

  • Built-in emergency hypo alert with GPS location for peace of mind.

HSA/FSA Eligible
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Personal Diabetes Care

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Dario Active Users

17,156 type 2 diabetes Active users


Reduction in average ratio of

high blood glucose events

225 type 2 diabetes Active users


Decrease in occurrences of

severe hyperglycemic events

238 type 2 diabetes Active users


Reduction at 12 months in

blood glucose average level
*Continuously using the system at least once a month for a period of at least two months. Exploratory Data presented at ADA 2018.
HSA/FSA Eligible
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Join Tens of Thousands of Happy Users

Franklin R

“challenge was being able to check my blood sugar anywhere with no obstacle or carrying a lot of equipment. With this tester and a smart phone you can check your blood sugar anytime and anyplace without worrying of carrying bag or wallets it fits in your pocket or purse.�?

Heidi M

“I love How compact it is. I also love that I can afford it outside of my health insurance, since my health insurance covers my diabetic supplies so poorly. It is streamlined with today's technology. I love that I can easily track my numbers and see patterns and make adjustments on my own. Gives me a sense of independence.�?

Jeanine C

“Checking your blood sugars is important. Having the right equipment is essential. Dario is small and easy to take anywhere, making it more convenient to check your blood sugars any place, anytime.�?

Jodi D

“LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dario! It is so convenient to have my meter on my phone and to have such a small device to carry with me--in the pocket of my purse. I actually have three of them. I have one in my purse, one in my night stand, and one in my gym bag. I know, kind of excessive, but so nice to be able to test WHEREVER I am and WHENEVER I need to do.�?

Julia M

“Dario has definitely helped me to pay more attention to my blood sugars and in doing so, lower them. Having my progress as my fingertips at all times is so helpful!�?

Kevin S

“Dario's management tools make managing diabetes easy. I love the compact size of Dario. It fits perfectly in my pocket.�?

Mike C

“I enjoy the portability as well as the results stored into my phone. This saves me the dreary duty of recording my results in a log book. I also like that the unit is basically self-contained. With the monitoring of my results, I have been able to achieve better glucose control and have already lowered my A1c by a significant amount.�?

Roy R

“since being diagnosed I've always had difficulty taking measurements. That all changed with Dario. I now test at random times and keep notes for my Doctor and Nutritionist to see where my highs and lows are�?

Tim H

“Dario is very handy for all the traveling I do. Having homes in two different states and traveling to both often, it is so easy to pack up my dario. I also really appreciate the great customer service. I had a problem with a pack of strips and the general manager called me back within hours and replaced strips immediately.�?

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