Self-monitoring for successful weight loss

Losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a journey. The journey never stops, but it does get easier as you get to know and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of habits and behaviors goes a long way towards achieving long-term success.

Self-monitoring your habits and behaviors is a key component to success in promoting the lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss, prevent weight gain, and improve physical fitness. Self-monitoring provides information on daily behavior in relation to your eating patterns and exercise, and their impact on weight management and lifestyle change. The goal is to increase self-awareness of everyday behaviors and outcomes and act in time accordingly.

Try using these monitoring techniques for success in your weight loss journey:

  • Food Logs – this is an effective way of documenting the food and drink you eat each day. It includes the type, amount, and caloric or carbohydrate values consumed. Such a record provides more accurate information about the daily food content eaten. A recent weight-loss study showed that participants who kept a daily food log lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. You can keep such a diary with Dario App.
  • Food Diaries – this nutrition diary management technique includes more detailed information related to the mood or emotions surrounding eating. It provides important information about behavioral reasons or psychological aspects of eating.
  • Regular Weighing — weighing yourself is important for self-monitoring and serves as a reminder of eating habits and exercise. It is important to weigh with the same scale, at the same time and day of the week. Regular monitoring of your weight is also essential for maintaining weight after achieving your goal. The Dario App will help you track your success or help you get back on track.
  • Exercise Logs – exercise logs document physical activity that includes the time and type of activity. Logging can be a positive feedback or reminder to incorporate more exercise or physical activity into your daily routine.

Bottom line:

Success in weight loss depends on behavior change. Self-monitoring is an important component in behavior change. With Dario, the monitoring technique is simple and can be an important part of weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

You can use Dario to manage different types of diaries like food, calories, feelings, and exercise.

With Dario’s weight management solution, you will be able to track your weight and get real-time feedback and support.

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